Know Your Own Health

Accreditation, Training & Supervision for Health Coaches

Health Coaching is emerging as a powerful intervention, recognised by NHS England as a significant driver in improving people’s ability and confidence to manage the challenges of life with one or more health conditions, including anxiety, stress and depression. 


  • Bronze, Silver & Gold Levels of Accreditation

    Health Coaching is a skilled profession. 

    Trainee Health Coaches will have a background in a related field, for example: Counselling, Life-Coaching, Psychologist, Occupational Therapy, or will have passed an assessment of prior learning.

    This means they will have the necessary basic skillset and core competencies to be trained quickly and easily in any locality.

    All Health Coaches undertake an initial training programme.

    This is followed by continued training and supervision alongside their coaching sessions, enabling coaches to qualify for Bronze, Silver and Gold levels.

    At each level, Health Coaches are assessed against a set of specific core competencies and skills:

    BRONZE:  Will have completed Training (including situational role-play), worked under supervision with their first client, and passed a Formative Assessment. 
    SILVER: Will have worked with a target number of clients, completed a Group Training Session and passed a Summative Assessment.
    GOLD:  Will have worked with an additional target number clients, presented a Portfolio of Case Studies demonstrating skills for assessment, and passed an individual interview with the trainer.

    Coaches who have reach Gold continue to work under the regular supervision of a trainer. A Gold accreditation also qualifies the Health Coach to train as a trainer.