Websites for GP Practices, Pain Management & Specialist Services image Websites for GP Practices, Pain Management & Specialist Services

Using a powerful and effective web template with a focus on self-management

Our dynamic and affordable web template enables us to work in partnership with providers such as GP practices and condition-specific services to quickly and easily produce websites with an emphasis on supporting people to self-manage. If you are a GP practice interested in switching to our service click here.

We combine our experience and expertise in self-management with the needs of service providers to seamlessly integrate support to self-manage into your online and offline communications.

We will help you to transform the way you communicate your service to support culture change and to provide online resources for your patients.

In the past twenty years we’ve produced hundreds of powerful websites and health education campaigns for NHS, social care and health organisations, both nationally and locally.

We will support you to generate the right type of content and pitch the type of message that enables patients to engage more effectively with your service as well as with their management of their health and wellbeing.

We will work with you to get the balance right for your service, so people know when and how to use your service and when another action, intervention or type of support may be more appropriate.


KYOH provide all the key components for the successful implementation of self-management support, including personalised health coaching, self-management communications and localised digital infrastructure, and all the training and supervision needed to establish a high-quality supported self-management service.

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