Self-Management Communications Hubs and Campaigns image Self-Management Communications Hubs and Campaigns

Promoting self-management to your community to improve health outcomes and reduce reliance on clinical services

We provide online self-management communications 'hubs' supported by off-line communications which can be adapted to any locality.


  • Give patients, healthcare providers, health navigators, etc, a context for self-management and how it sits alongside clinical care.
  • Provide a powerful and consistent message on the potential and benefits of self-management that all services in any locality can link to and adopt.
  • Ensures all a locality's self-management and social prescribing initiatives are joined up and people are enabled to know about them.
  • Communicate when it’s appropriate to seek medical help and when and where to access other, more appropriate, support.

These can be set up quickly and easily for any locality at low cost, with 'spin-offs' able to be created for sub-localities where required.  

Contact for more information.

KYOH provide all the key components for the successful implementation of self-management support, including personalised health coaching, self-management communications and localised digital infrastructure, and all the training and supervision needed to establish a high-quality supported self-management service.

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