Know Your Own Health

Find out more about KYOH’s 4-day training programme

The training programme consists of:

  • an initial 2-day Training in the PCI Core Curriculum skills, followed by a skills development and supervision programme covering the second two days of the 4-day training:
  • 6 monthly group Skills Development Sessions that focus on the Coaching Conversation and putting the skills into practice;
  • 6 Individual Supervision Sessions, alongside a coach’s own caseload of patients in their role as a Health & Wellbeing Coach;

We find this is an effective way for coaches to both learn and develop the skills to support effective self-management and patient activation (the aim of Health & Wellbeing Coaching).

Some feedback from the training courses:

“A simple and yet very effective way of coaching patients to self-manage.”

“A formula that I can use to improve success rates with behaviour change.”

“I now have a greater understanding of my new role and feel more confident than at the start.”