Know Your Own Health

What is the training course content?

The 2-day training covers all the skills needed to work as a Health & Wellbeing Coach.  It includes:

  • An introduction to ‘the Personalised Care Model’ and the roles of Care Coordinators, Health and Wellbeing Coaches and Social Prescribing Link Workers.
  • The role of health coaching skills to support patients to achieve the best outcomes for them, while using health and social care services wisely and effectively;
  • An introduction to the bio-psycho-social model of health – aimed at the whole person;
  • The PCI Core Curriculum health coaching skills including active listening skills, goal-setting, goal follow-up and motivational interviewing techniques to support effective self-management and, where appropriate, behaviour change.
  • An effective evidence-based coaching conversation structure that guides the use of the skills when working with patients;
  • How to recognise patients at different levels of ‘activation’ and how to meet them where they are and support them around whatever’s important to them.

The second 2-days (for the 4-day training):

  • Supports the ongoing development of the skills introduced in the initial training;
  • Looks more closely at how to use skills to best effect to increase patients’ activation levels and support patients to optimise their health and wellbeing outcomes;
  • Provides the opportunity for Coaches to explore the use of the skills in the context of their own patient caseload;
  • Practical guidance on delivering health coaching as an intervention and collating outcomes.