Supporting people to make decisions about their own health and care

Transcript:  Many of us would like to think that doctors have got all the answers and that the healthcare system is 100% successful at relieving people’s suffering and pain. I think realistically we all know that that’s not actually the case.

We also know that people are innately resourceful and resilient and if we can support people to become resourceful and resilient through working with them, through supporting them to really engage with what they can do for themselves and support them to develop that sense, then that can have real benefits in the long-term.

So shared decision-making is really about working with people to develop that sense of resourcefulness in themselves in order to start to develop that capability and that confidence to make decisions about their own health. And also to start making decisions about their own health care. The more information we have (as patients) and the more confident we are in using that information, the more wisely we can start making decisions about our own health and own health care.

Alf Collins is a pain consultant and NHS England’s national policy advisor in person-centred care.

KYOH provide all the key components for the successful implementation of self-management support, including face-to-face health coaching, a comprehensive online coaching platform and all the training and supervision needed to establish a high quality supported self-management service.

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