Know Your Own Health

Programme Delivery

Health & Wellbeing Coaching supports patients to take ownership and become more 'activated', improving their health outcomes and leading to more effective and reduced use of clinical services.  It is non-directive, patient-focused and personalised to the individual.

Know Your Own Health are leaders in the field of dedicated Health & Wellbeing Coaching, delivering the intervention as a pilot programme in a number of localities under different banners, such as ‘Live Well Feel Better’, and managing services on behalf of GP practices or PCN's. They are cited as exemplars of non-clinical Health Coaching (Health & Wellbeing Coaching) in NHS England’s Health Coaching and Quality Summary Guide.

KYOH’s training and supervision programme replicates the training and supervision programme used in the delivery of these programmes.

The following are sample case studies:

This is the first time I’ve seen health coaching to support self-management done the way it should be done and on a sustained basis Kerry Hallam, Founding member of Expert Patient Programme 2002-2007, Self-Management Programme National Support Lead for The Health Foundation’s Co-Creating Health Programme 2007-2012, Trainer and developer of a range of self-management programmes nationally, 2012 to 2020.