Know Your Own Health

Aims of self-management

The main aim of Self-Management support is to enable patients to have the skills, knowledge and expertise to make positive choices about their health and healthcare and be supported to take the steps that lead to long term positive changes in health behaviours and to manage the emotional impact of the condition in their daily lives. In short, to move from being passive recipients of medical care to a state in which they are actively engaged with their own health.

KYOH’s role is to provide the tools and services to support patients to reduce over-dependence on health services and medications by becoming capable and confident enough to take the steps to manage and control their own health condition.

Helping people to transition from a ‘passive’ position to a proactive and ‘activated’ position can involve supporting a range of skills and access to resources

Reference: Self-Care, Advancing the study & understanding of self-care: The need for an integrated approach to supporting patients who should self-manage (J.Phillips: April 2012)