Know Your Own Health

About us

Know Your Own Health (KYOH) was founded in 2010 to focus on supporting self-management, working alongside founders of the Expert Patient Programme and the Health Foundation’s Co-creating Health Programme.  

Since 2013 KYOH has been supporting and leading patient health coaching programmes for the NHS in Primary Care and has worked closely with NHS England to help inform the Health Coaching agenda, a key element of Personalised Care. 

With the new ARRS roles in place in Primary Care since 2020, KYOH now focuses primarily on: 

  • Training and supervising Health & Wellbeing Coaches; 
  • Training Care Coordinators, Social Prescribing Link Workers and others in PCI-accredited health coaching skills;
  • Contributing to the evidence and literature base around using health coaching skills to increase patient activation in order to improve outcomes for patients and reduce reliance on clinical services.

We bring to the world of self-management a unique combination.  Before focusing on self-management Health Coaching, Know Your Own Health’s founders had provided online communications for the NHS and Department of Health from 1996 to 2010, including the award-winning ‘D-Code’, a drugs education behaviour change programme and the Expert Patient Programme.  

Know Your Own Health have combined knowledge and expertise in the principles of supporting self-management with experience in digital technology.  The use of digital technology has enabled data-collection around the inputs (the health coaching intervention) and outcomes (patient activation measurements, and other quantitative and qualitative outcomes) for patients. This has enabled more in-depth learning and experience to be gained around how to effectively deliver supported self-management interventions to achieve the desired outcomes.

Online support – Know Your Own Health also continue to offer a range of online services for the NHS, including:

  • Websites for pain management services and GP practices, supporting self-management;
  • E-learning programmes (for Pain Management Programmes, patient self-management, clinician training)
  • Other online tools and resources, including goal-setting functionality