The KYOH Team

KYOH was started in December 2010. The initial founders are John Worth, Kate Henry and Guy Pickford who, between 1996 and 2011, were the team behind the highly successful and multi-award winning digital marketing and communications agency, Worth Digital.

They have a history of delivering groundbreaking digital products and services for the NHS and major marketing, ecommerce and communications systems for FTSE 100 multinationals, government and broadcasters. In 1997 their first major project was a revolutionary drugs education programme that reached over a million young people through consumer marketing and schools, winning a raft of top industry awards and a BAFTA nomination. It remained in use for over ten years, widely supported by schools, the police and judiciary, youth workers and young people themselves.

The agency went on to specialise in large-scale behaviour change campaigns and healthcare projects and were a global supplier to GlaxoSmithKline delivering campaigns for some of the largest consumer health brands in the world.

Between 2000 and 2011, they delivered the web portals for many of the major change initiatives and campaigns in the NHS, including NHS Comms Link and NHS Careers. In 2003, they built an intranet for a Department of Health initiative to ensure Self-Care was supported across the NHS. This comprised the Stanford University licensed Expert Patients Programme (EPP) service providing face-to-face coaching for people with long-term conditions across all regions of the country.

In 2010, with the urgent demand for new innovations in healthcare, the founders decided to use their experience in the field to meet the demand for the mainstreaming and systemisation of self-care and self-management in the UK, bringing supported self-management online and into a more economical, accessible and scalable format.

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