Personalised support for people living with a health condition

A system of support integrated into existing health services

Our self-management support can be offered as a stand-alone service or can be integrated into existing clinical or other services.

Integrated into existing clinical or other services:

Patients are either referred for self-management coaching and/or invited to refer themselves, or both.  

This can be through:

  • GP practices
  • Hospitals or individual hosptital departments
  • Specialist clinical services aimed at a specific condition
  • Any other 'service' setting including local authority or third sector organisation

Outcomes are fed back to referrers (and patients) in the form of a Completion Report.


Alternatively, the self-management coaching support can be offered to any population on a self-referral basis.

Individuals can self-refer through a dedicated website straight onto the secure platform. They will then be contacted by the service, who will establish their suitabitlity for the service (according to criteria decided by the commissioners - including, for instance, geographical location/specific conditions) and the individual will have the opportunity to find out more about the service and how they could benefit.  

A variety of self-referral pathways can be set-up to ensure that as many as possible of the target population are reached through self-referral.

Outcomes can be fed back to pathway referrers (and/or the individuals) if required in the form of a Completion Report.

Additional features:

In both cases, along with standard data reporting (ie uptake numbers, attrition rates, demographics, etc), we can utilise any additional questionnaires to enable the provision of anonymised population outcomes metrics to commissioners in accordance with their KPI's.

All services benefit from access to a patient/individual self-management platform which is tailored to the individual service.

Additional optional services:

KYOH also offer the following optional services:

  • Online-only support, including live and facilitated webinars
  • Clinician training (in self-management techniques)
  • E-learning programmes (self-management for both clinicians and patients)
  • Platform-only provision to support existing services (i.e. our online platform for your coaching service)


KYOH provide all the key components for the successful implementation of self-management support, including face-to-face health coaching, a comprehensive online coaching platform and all the training and supervision needed to establish a high quality supported self-management service.

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