Connie's story

Improving breathlessness

Connie* has COPD, which meant she was feeling very out of breath, unable to do any exercise and generally feeling very low in herself and quite isolated.  

She also really wanted to visit family in Canada, but her COPD was preventing her from doing this as she had been told by her specialist that she wasn’t fit to fly.

Connie’s coach helped her identify what was important to her and what she liked doing that would help her to achieve it.  She used to really enjoy swimming but hadn’t felt well enough to swim for a long time; however, Connie’s coach supported her to take it up again. On the first week she just about managed two lengths before having to stop because of her breathing.  However, by the end of the coaching sessions Connie was swimming eight lengths and breathing fine.  She can now walk up the stairs at home without getting out of breath;  she also feels a lot better in herself and is managing to get out more.   

Connie also had an appointment with her COPD specialist in the last week of the coaching, who said her oxygen levels had increased so much that she was now fit to fly.

It doesn't matter if you don't know what you want or what could help you; a health coach will discuss your situation with you and help you decide what's important for you.


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*People have kindly agreed to share their stories but names (and other identifying details, where appropriate) have been changed for privacy purposes. Note to participants:  if you would like us to make an amendment to your story for privacy or accuracy purposes, please contact your coach via the relevant service. Photographs courtesy of John Birdsall Social Issues Picture Library.

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