What patients say about our services

“It’s been a very helpful process. I now feel much better able to accept the limitations of my illness and not constantly struggle against them. In fact I feel much more comfortable with myself and better grounded. I can envisage a life with ups and downs and physical and mental health and being able to accept fully and with equanimity that I will very likely never fully be well again. So I have achieved what I hoped -with my coach's help and guidance! and that is to stop feeling angry at myself and my illness and to accept myself and my illness, and life as it is.”

“Really useful for putting things in perspective and techniques to best help myself physically and emotionally. Great to be able to talk to someone who has an understanding of what I'm going through and doesn't look at things from a 'Dr' backgrounds - more holistic.”

“ I have found the coaching service to be very beneficial to my mental health.  It “filled the gaps” that mental health services are too stretched to fulfil at the moment.  Although I have medication for my bipolar, having the opportunity to discuss things around my health problems enabled me to make even more positive changes and to practise holistic self-care, as opposed to purely clinical self-care management and crisis prevention.

S (health coach) is a very warm, friendly person who remains entirely non-judgemental.  The coaching service is more focused and goal-oriented than traditional counselling, and my coach was not afraid to offer opinions or advice, which I found more helpful that the standard counselling/therapeutic interaction.  I enjoyed the flexibility that she offered, as we could meet in locations that suited me, and she even bought me a coffee on a couple of occasions, which was definitely not expected and very sweet of her.  I have already told all my close friends about this service, and they were blown away by the fact it was offered free on the NHS.  I think it’s an innovative and modern service that is patient-focused and forward thinking, but its success depends completely on the quality of coaches, and mine was perfect. “

“Such a great service and has improved my confidence. J (health coach) has made me feel good about myself and positive changes to my life going forward. J is a wonderful caring person and lovely having someone so friendly to talk to. I will miss not seeing her as she has helped me so much”.  

“Coach helped me with being more positive and confident discussing things with doctors and to set achievable goals.”

“Very good, friendly service. Makes me laugh and see life differently. Helped me engage with local residents and enjoy exchanging their stories. Would definitely recommend this service.”

“Loved the sessions, got things off my chest that I would otherwise bottle up.”

“It is good to be encouraged to think back and plan improvements to my life.”

“Good to talk to someone, informative, advice and guidance. Been really worthwhile.”

“I've really enjoyed my sessions with my health coach and feel she has helped me address and change my behaviour around some of my symptoms, especially tiredness, which has helped me recover. I think I now have a more positive attitude towards dealing with my physical problems and my coach has helped enormously with that.”

“I had past trauma with relationships which took me too rock bottom which with my ongoing health problems let me with no confidence and all I was getting to point of shutting myself off and away J (health coach) helped me tremendously to see good in myself and not let people walk all over me.”

“My coach has been very helpful, using her extensive knowledge to provide useful information as to what different organisations are available to me, which I have not had before I do think the service like this should be more available to people with health conditions like mine.”


KYOH provide all the key components for the successful implementation of self-management support, including face-to-face health coaching, a comprehensive online coaching platform and all the training and supervision needed to establish a high quality supported self-management service.

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