Know Your Own Health


Health coaching is an intervention recognised by NHS England as a significant driver in improving people’s ability and confidence to manage their health and the challenges of living with one or more health conditions, including depression, stress, anxiety.

KYOH provide a personalised one-to-one Health Coaching programme developed from the evidence bases of the NHS Expert Patients Programme and the Health Foundation’s Co-creating Health Programme. 

People are coached to make their own choices in relation to their health and wellbeing based on what matters to them and supported to act on them.

It is as effective for people with mental health conditions (depression, stress or anxiety) as it is for people managing physical health conditions. 

The Health Coaching model used by KYOH has been delivered to over three thousand people with long-term health conditions through the NHS since 2013 with consistently good, often outstanding, results:

  • The improvement of physical symptoms; 
  • Reduced levels of anxiety/stress/depression.
  • Improved communication.
  • Increased shared decision making with healthcare professionals. 
  • Increased engagement in active and social pursuits. 
  • Reductions in the use of clinical services.
  • Improved work situations and/or returning to work.