Know Your Own Health


For health professionals and commissioners

Our team has been working for the NHS and the Department of Health to deliver various forms and combinations of self-management and online communications for over 20 years

We approach self-management from the position of supporting patients to realise their own power to manage their health and wellbeing. On an individual level, our health coaching is an evidence-based model designed to effect that.

From a service design point of view, this means: meeting patients where they; ensuring they know how and when to access services that can help them; and providing them with the building blocks they need to self-manage effectively on an ongoing basis. 

Consultancy for commissioners and health professionals:

We can help commissioners to identify: what those building blocks are; how those are working together in their locality; and how communications and services are aligned to ensure that patients don’t encounter unnecessarily blockages in their attempts to manage their health and wellbeing in a way that enables the best health outcomes for patients with the least dependence on clinical services.

Training for health professionals:

One aspect of effective self-management is being able to have proactive conversations with healthcare professionals. This enables Shared Decision Making which leads to better health outcomes through greater patient engagement with managing their health and wellbeing. 

For patients with low confidence to engage proactively with their healthcare professionals, health coaching can help; on the other hand, healthcare professionals sometimes need support to know how to work with patients at different levels of ‘patient activation’. 

As with patients, our services are designed to meet healthcare professionals (and localities) where they are and deliver training or support on a time-to-time needs basis to achieve the desired balance between patients and their healthcare professionals that enables effective Shared Decision Making.