A Dedicated IT System and Patient Platform for Self-Management image A Dedicated IT System and Patient Platform for Self-Management

A system to enable quality and performance management at scale

Our comprehensive software platform enables us to set up a high-quality health coaching and ‘support to self-manage’ service for your area within a matter of weeks.

Patients can also use the platform to store information, for goal-setting, e-learning, webinars, engaging in forums and communities and accessing other resources.

The platform:

  • Ensures that all the quality, performance-management and patient pathways are in place from the outset so patients can be supported and outcomes and data can be fed back to health professionals and commissioners quickly and easily
  • Can accommodate patient questionnaires, including patient activation measurements (e.g. PAM). 
  • Our IT system and platform can be provided and used independently of health coaching; or for the provision of other third party support.
  • The platform and/or external website can be linked to other health apps and condition-specific self-care services and applications.
  • Enables secure communication between patients and their health coaches, or other supporters or clinicians where required. 
  • The platform is free with the KYOH health coaching service.

KYOH provide all the key components for the successful implementation of self-management support, including personalised health coaching, self-management communications and localised digital infrastructure, and all the training and supervision needed to establish a high-quality supported self-management service.

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